Healthy Living: How to Make a Cleaner and Healthier Bedroom

The bedroom may seem like a personal sanctuary, and it can be made cleaner, healthier, and safer with just a few simple changes. From clearing out clutter to swapping out old sheets and pillowcases to making a few upgrades to your mattress.

You want to relax, recharge, and unwind when you’re in your bedroom. But with the clutter piling up in the area, it can be tough to focus on anything other than the mess. Fortunately, you can transform your space into a relaxing retreat with some smart planning and tidy bedroom ideas.

8 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Healthier

Dim The Lights

Your bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation—not a source of stress. To experience the ultimate peace of mind, your bedroom must be free of clutter, and it should be dimly lit. Dim the lights and create an ambient mood for sleep and relaxation by playing soft music, lighting scented candles, or using aromatherapy diffusers.

Upgrade To a Green Mattress

When it comes to sleep, your sleeping environment has a huge impact on the quality of your rest. Whether you sleep on a memory foam or latex mattress, your sleep surface should feel good on your body, cool when you lie down, and, most importantly, be healthy to sleep on. In case, you are not getting these mentioned benefits from your mattress, you should consider upgrading to a green mattress.

Scrap The Screens

Screens have infiltrated our lives in a big way. Not only do we have our phones and tablets, but we also have TVs and computers even in our cars. We’re probably also used to seeing our phones on the desks, tablets on our laps, and TVs in our bedrooms when we’re home. All of this screen time has made it so that the average amount of time we spend in a typical day in front of a screen, whether for work, entertainment, or a combination of both has increased significantly. But are healthy sleep habits also impacted by how much time we spend in front of screens? Certainly, yes. This is why it is important to scrap screen time at least before sleep.

Fill Your Room with Plants

One way to add a hint of greenery to your bedroom is to fill your living space with plants.

Add Natural/Organic Scents

In today’s world, we are exposed to many chemicals and toxins on a daily basis. As a result, it’s no wonder we get sick easily, suffer from headaches, feel lethargic, and have all kinds of other illnesses. What most of us don’t realize is that even our bedrooms can make us sick. While we can’t all afford to remove toxins and chemicals from our lifestyles completely, we can work at minimizing exposure. You can do that by using more natural scents in the bedroom.

Wash Your Linens Weekly

The bedroom is a sanctuary, a place where you escape from the stresses of the day. After all, there is nothing like a warm, fluffy, pillowy bed to make you feel at peace. And your home should be a safe place for you to feel that way. Dirty sheets can negatively impact your health and well-being, as can a dirty bedroom. So, make sure to clean the linens to keep away this negativity.

Curb The Noise

This may sound really obvious, but one cannot stress its importance enough. Noise can lead to sleep disruptions. More importantly, these can potentially lead to a number of health issues over time. Having noisy neighbours, living nearby busy highways, or having a night-owl for a roommate, would make you consider to start investing in quality white noise machines. In fact, studies demonstrate that any kind of ambient sound really helps people to fall asleep faster and soundly rather than trying to sleep in complete silence.

Keep The Temp Cool

It’s no secret that temperature is a major contributor to a good night’s rest. A bedroom that’s too hot can make it difficult to sleep. And one that’s too cold can leave you feeling uncomfortable and restless and wake you up in the middle of the night.

The average person spends 88 per cent of their time in the bedroom, so it only makes sense that we’d want to spend some time keeping it at its best.

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