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Having good health and wellness is something we should all strive for, as it builds a solid foundation for a happy, healthy life. Here at, the aim is to provide fellow health nuts with tips and healthy habits to include in their daily life.

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I decided I needed to change my current habits, particularly around my diet and lack of exercise as I was becoming a right couch potato. I tried a bit of everything – workouts, the gym, dieting – but I found none of these options were sustainable for me. So instead, I decided to try low-impact exercises like swimming and yoga and chose healthier food options without limiting myself. What was important for me was to get healthier, not focus on things like losing weight, otherwise, it almost became an unhealthy competition with myself. My number one priority was breaking long-lasting habits and anything after that was a bonus. So, my aim is to bring you content surrounding maintaining wellness, good habits and finding what works for you.

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